The Cheney Mansion offers 2 acres of professionally landscaped grounds, providing a gracious backdrop for outdoor weddings, corporate events and private parties.

Between the mansion's Solarium and its Greenhouse, lays the large, brick patio, surrounded by elegant flower beds. The greenhouse is used by the gardening staff to grow many of Cheney's plantings from seed. Each year, the gardeners raise the many plants for Cheney's Plant & Herb Sale, which provides funding for future gardening projects.

An herb garden graces the East yard, supplying fresh ingredients for Cheney's cooking classes, while the North gardens include the vegetable and floral beds used for our children's gardening and art programs.

Volunteer opportunities exist for those unafraid to get down 'n' dirty. Contact the Mansion at 383-2612!

The Bridal Garden

Something's Always Blooming!

Spring in the Gardens

The Herb Garden

Perfectly Manicured

An Apple Tree!

More Gardens

Autumnal Colors

Closeup in the Herb Garden